Unlocking the Travel Medallion: Tears of the Kingdom Guide

What is the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom?

Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom

The Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom is a highly sought-after item in the game that provides players with a unique ability to traverse different locations throughout the kingdom. This invaluable device opens up a world of exploration as players can uncover hidden treasures, secrets, and even shortcuts.

The concept behind the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom is simple yet intriguing. By using this medallion, players can mark a location in the game world and return to it anytime they desire. This means that players no longer have to rely solely on fixed fast travel points or tedious journeys to reach certain areas; they can simply mark their desired destination and teleport there instantly using the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom.

Not only does this medallion offer convenience and efficiency in traveling, but it also adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. Players can strategically choose to mark locations that they suspect might contain hidden secrets or valuable loot. By unlocking the full potential of the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom, players can become master explorers and treasure hunters within the game.

How to Obtain the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom?

How to Obtain the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom

If you’re eager to acquire the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to embark on an adventure and complete certain tasks within the game. The path to obtaining this precious item may not be easy, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

Firstly, players must uncover a series of questlines within the kingdom. These quests will likely involve challenging tasks and battles, requiring players to demonstrate their skills and determination. As you progress through the quests, you will gradually unlock access to new areas and interact with characters who can provide you with valuable information about the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom.

Eventually, after completing a pivotal quest or meeting specific requirements, you will receive a special artifact or key that will grant you access to the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom. This might involve solving puzzles, defeating powerful enemies, or fulfilling certain criteria.

Once in possession of the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom, you can equip it in your inventory and begin utilizing its incredible abilities. Simply mark your desired location, and with a wave of the medallion, you will be instantly transported to that spot. Keep in mind that there may be limitations on its use, such as cooldown periods or restrictions on certain areas.

In conclusion, the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom is a game-changing item that enhances the adventure and exploration aspects of the game. With its ability to teleport players to marked locations, it provides unparalleled convenience and excitement. So, embark on your quest, complete the necessary tasks, and unlock the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom to unravel the hidden wonders of the kingdom.

Exploring the Kingdom to Find Travel Medallion Tears

Exploring the Kingdom to Find Travel Medallion Tears

To obtain the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom, players need to thoroughly explore various areas and complete specific tasks such as solving puzzles, defeating enemies, and helping NPCs in need. These tears are powerful artifacts that enhance the abilities of the Travel Medallion and unlock new areas and features in the game. Here are some tips on how to obtain them.

Uncovering Hidden Locations

Uncovering Hidden Locations

One of the key ways to find Travel Medallion Tears is by uncovering hidden locations throughout the kingdom. These hidden spots can be found by thoroughly exploring the game world, looking for hidden passages, or following clues left by NPCs. It’s important to pay attention to your surroundings and investigate any suspicious-looking areas. By discovering these hidden locations, you may come across Travel Medallion Tears as rewards for your exploration.

For example, in the village of Tarnhelm, there is a crumbling castle that is said to hold secrets. By investigating every nook and cranny of the castle, players may stumble upon a hidden room where a Travel Medallion Tear is hidden. These hidden locations provide not only a sense of discovery but also valuable rewards.

Completing Challenging Tasks

Completing Challenging Tasks

To obtain Travel Medallion Tears, players must be willing to take on challenging tasks. These tasks often involve solving elaborate puzzles, defeating powerful enemies, or completing specific quests for NPCs. By dedicating time and effort to these challenging tasks, players can earn Travel Medallion Tears as a sign of their accomplishment.

For example, deep within the Enchanted Forest, there is a hidden shrine protected by mystical guardians. To gain access to the shrine, players must complete a series of complex puzzles that test their logic and problem-solving skills. Once all the puzzles are solved, the guardians will reward the player with a Travel Medallion Tear, granting them access to a previously inaccessible area in the kingdom.

Helping NPCs in Need

Helping NPCs in Need

The kingdom is filled with numerous NPCs who may be in need of assistance. By offering a helping hand to these characters, players can not only improve their relationships with them but also earn valuable rewards, including Travel Medallion Tears.

For instance, in the bustling town of Brightville, a young girl named Lily has lost her beloved pet rabbit. Players can choose to help her search for the rabbit, following a series of clues that lead to its location. Upon finding the rabbit, Lily will express her gratitude and present the player with a Travel Medallion Tear as a token of appreciation.

Overall, obtaining the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom requires exploratory skills, the willingness to take on challenges, and a compassionate nature towards NPCs. By thoroughly exploring the kingdom, completing challenging tasks, and helping those in need, players will be rewarded with the powerful Travel Medallion Tears that enhance their gameplay experience.

Unlocking Travel Medallion Tears from Shrines


One of the reliable ways to obtain Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom is by conquering shrines scattered throughout the kingdom and collecting the treasure chests found within them.

Shrines in the kingdom are mystical places where brave adventurers can test their skills and solve puzzles. Each shrine is dedicated to a specific deity and offers unique challenges. Some shrines require combat skills to defeat powerful enemies, while others focus on puzzle-solving abilities. Successfully completing a shrine will not only reward you with valuable items and resources but can also lead to the discovery of Travel Medallion Tears.


When you enter a shrine, the first step is to activate the shrine by interacting with its central altar. This will unlock the shrine and allow you to progress further. Once inside, you will need to navigate through various obstacles, traps, and enemies to reach the treasure chest that contains the Travel Medallion Tear. It is essential to be cautious and observant, as some traps can be deadly if triggered.


Each shrine presents a unique challenge that may require you to showcase different skills, such as precision aiming with a bow, using stealth to avoid detection, or solving intricate puzzles. With every successful completion of a shrine, you will be rewarded with spirit orbs and other valuable items. The Travel Medallion Tears are hidden within specific treasure chests, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the shrine-exploration experience.


It’s important to note that not all shrines contain Travel Medallion Tears. However, by exploring and conquering as many shrines as possible, you increase your chances of finding these precious collectibles. Additionally, shrine exploration is an excellent way to enhance your skills, acquire new tools and abilities, and delve deeper into the rich lore of the kingdom.


Once you have collected a Travel Medallion Tear, you can use it to unlock new areas and fast travel points within the kingdom. These tears possess a magical property that allows you to teleport to previously visited shrines or other important landmarks. This ability comes in handy when you need to navigate long distances quickly or revisit a previously completed shrine for further exploration or challenges.


In conclusion, obtaining Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom through shrine exploration is an exciting and rewarding aspect of the game. By conquering shrines, solving puzzles, and collecting treasure chests, you not only increase your chances of finding these valuable tears but also enhance your skills and progress further in the game. So, grab your sword, sharpen your mind, and embark on an adventurous journey through the kingdom to unlock the secrets hidden within its mystical shrines!

Completing Side Quests for Travel Medallion Tears

Completing Side Quests for Travel Medallion Tears

Engaging in side quests offered by NPCs can often reward players with Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom, encouraging them to explore different corners of the kingdom and interact with the game’s characters.

Side quests are optional missions that players can undertake in addition to the main storyline. These quests typically involve helping NPCs with various tasks or solving problems within the game world. While they may not be essential to completing the game, they often provide unique rewards and additional lore that enrich the overall gaming experience.

To obtain Travel Medallion Tears through side quests, players need to actively seek out and complete these quests. Players should pay attention to NPCs with exclamation marks above their heads, indicating that they have a quest available. Interacting with these NPCs will initiate a conversation, during which players can accept and start the quest.

Once a side quest is accepted, players will receive specific objectives or goals they need to achieve. These objectives can range from gathering certain items, defeating a particular enemy, or solving a puzzle. It is essential to carefully read the quest details to understand what needs to be done.

As players progress through the side quest, they may encounter obstacles or challenges. These can include powerful enemies, timed events, or hidden clues that require exploration and careful observation. Overcoming these obstacles adds an element of excitement and satisfaction to the side quest experience.

Upon completing a side quest, players will receive rewards, which can include Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom. These tears serve as collectible items that can be used to unlock new areas or access hidden secrets within the kingdom. They also contribute to the overall completion percentage of the game.

It is worth noting that some side quests may be more challenging than others, requiring players to strategize and use their skills effectively. However, the rewards for completing these quests are often worth the effort, making them an enjoyable and rewarding addition to the game.

In conclusion, engaging in side quests is a fantastic way to obtain Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom in the game. These quests provide additional content, rewards, and opportunities for players to explore and interact with the game world. So, next time you come across an NPC with an exclamation mark, don’t hesitate to embark on their side quest and uncover the hidden treasures that await!

Trading with Traveling Merchants for Travel Medallion Tears

Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom

One of the ways to acquire Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom is by trading with traveling merchants. These merchants can sometimes be found in various locations throughout the kingdom and carry a variety of valuable items and artifacts.

When encountering a traveling merchant, players have the opportunity to exchange their own valuable items or currency in order to obtain the coveted Travel Medallion Tears. The merchants may have different preferences and requirements for each trade, so it is important to be prepared with items or currency that they find desirable.

To initiate a trade with a traveling merchant, players must first approach them and interact. This will open up a dialogue menu where players can browse through the items available for trade and see the requirements for each item or Travel Medallion Tear.

It is crucial to keep in mind that Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom are considered valuable and rare, so the merchants may ask for significantly valuable items in return. These items can include valuable artifacts, high-quality weapons or armor, or even a substantial amount of in-game currency.

However, players should not despair if they do not have the required items or currency to initiate a trade. Some traveling merchants may be open to negotiation or may be willing to accept alternative items or currencies in exchange for the Travel Medallion Tears. It is worth trying different combinations and offers to see if the merchant will agree to a trade.

Another strategy to increase the chances of successfully acquiring Travel Medallion Tears from traveling merchants is to build a reputation with them. This can be achieved by completing specific quests or tasks for the merchant, which will then make them more inclined to provide the medallions or accept a trade with favorable terms.

It is important to note that the availability of traveling merchants and their inventory may change over time. Therefore, players should regularly check different locations and interact with various merchants to increase their chances of finding the Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom.

In conclusion, trading with traveling merchants is a promising method to obtain Travel Medallion Tears of the Kingdom. By having valuable items or currency ready for trade and building a positive reputation with the merchants, players can increase their chances of acquiring these precious medallions. It is important to be mindful of the merchants’ preferences, be open to negotiation, and continuously explore different locations to maximize opportunities for trades.

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