Is Westgate Travel Club Worth It?

What is Westgate Travel Club?

Westgate Travel Club

Westgate Travel Club is a premier travel membership program that provides its members with a wide range of exclusive benefits and services. By becoming a member of Westgate Travel Club, individuals gain access to an array of vacation options, discounts, and rewards that make traveling more affordable and enjoyable.

With Westgate Travel Club, members can choose from a variety of vacation options, including luxury resorts, hotels, cruises, and even guided tours. The club offers a diverse selection of travel experiences, catering to the preferences and interests of different individuals and families.

One of the main advantages of joining Westgate Travel Club is the incredible discounts and deals available to members. Through partnerships with leading travel providers, the club offers discounted rates on accommodations, transportation, and entertainment. These exclusive discounts can result in significant savings, allowing members to make the most of their travel budget.

Furthermore, Westgate Travel Club provides its members with exceptional customer service and personalized assistance throughout their travel experiences. From helping members plan their dream vacations to offering 24/7 concierge services, the club aims to ensure that every aspect of the travel journey is seamless and enjoyable.

In addition to the discounts and personalized assistance, Westgate Travel Club offers a range of rewards and perks. Members can earn loyalty points for every dollar spent on travel, which can be redeemed for future trips or various upgrades. These loyalty points, combined with the exclusive discounts, enhance the overall value of being a member of the club.

Another unique feature of Westgate Travel Club is its flexibility. Unlike traditional timeshare programs, members are not restricted to a specific resort or location. Instead, they have the freedom to choose from a vast network of affiliated properties worldwide. This flexibility allows members to explore new destinations and enjoy different travel experiences each time they plan a vacation.

To further enhance the travel experience, Westgate Travel Club also provides members with access to exclusive events, activities, and entertainment options. From VIP passes to popular attractions to private member-only events, the club offers opportunities for members to create unforgettable memories during their travels.

Overall, Westgate Travel Club offers a comprehensive travel membership program that is well worth considering for anyone who loves to travel. With its wide range of benefits, discounts, flexibility, and exceptional customer service, the club provides members with the tools and support they need to make the most of their travel experiences.

Westgate Travel Club

Benefits of Westgate Travel Club

Benefits of Westgate Travel Club

Members of Westgate Travel Club enjoy a wide range of benefits and perks that enhance their vacation experiences. From discounted vacation accommodations and exclusive deals on flights, to access to special events and experiences, being part of the club opens up a world of possibilities for travelers.

One of the main advantages of the Westgate Travel Club is the discounted vacation accommodations offered to its members. With access to a vast network of resorts and hotels worldwide, club members can enjoy luxurious accommodations at significantly lower rates compared to non-members. This allows them to save money while still indulging in high-quality accommodation options at top destinations.

In addition to discounted accommodations, Westgate Travel Club also offers its members exclusive deals on flights. This means that members can not only save on their accommodations but also enjoy cost-effective airfare options. By accessing discounted flights through the club, members can reduce their travel expenses and allocate their budget towards other vacation activities or experiences.

Moreover, one of the standout features of the Westgate Travel Club is the access it provides to special events and experiences. Members have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events and enjoy unique experiences that are not available to the general public. This could include VIP access to sporting events, concerts, themed parties, or even behind-the-scenes tours. These special events and experiences add an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity to members’ vacations, creating unforgettable memories.

The Westgate Travel Club also goes beyond traditional vacation benefits by offering additional perks. For example, members can benefit from discounted car rentals, travel insurance services, and access to personalized travel planning assistance. This ensures that members have a seamless and stress-free vacation experience from the moment they start planning their trip until they return home.

Furthermore, being part of the Westgate Travel Club opens up opportunities for members to connect and network with like-minded travelers. The club organizes member-only social events, allowing individuals to forge friendships and share travel tips and experiences with others who have a passion for exploring the world. This sense of community enhances the overall travel experience and can lead to lifelong connections.

In conclusion, being a member of Westgate Travel Club offers a multitude of benefits and perks that greatly enhance the vacation experience. From discounted accommodations and flights to exclusive access to special events and experiences, travelers can enjoy a more affordable and exclusive getaway. Additionally, the additional perks and the sense of community provided by the club further contribute to the overall value of being part of Westgate Travel Club.

Are the Benefits Worth the Cost?

Westgate Travel Club benefits

When considering joining the Westgate Travel Club, it is important to carefully weigh the benefits against the cost. While the club offers a variety of perks and services, it is essential to determine if these advantages justify the upfront expense and ongoing membership fees.

One of the main benefits of being a Westgate Travel Club member is the access to exclusive vacation packages and discounted rates. Members are often provided with priority booking, allowing them to secure their desired dates and destinations before the general public. Additionally, the club offers deals and discounts on accommodations, flights, and car rentals, enabling members to save money on their travel expenses.

Another advantage of the club is the access to a wide range of amenities and facilities at Westgate Resorts. Members can enjoy luxurious accommodations, on-site restaurants, pools, fitness centers, and various recreational activities. This can enhance the overall vacation experience and provide access to amenities that may not be available to non-members.

Westgate Travel Club also offers a variety of travel planning services, including personalized vacation planning assistance and concierge services. Members can receive guidance and support in creating their dream vacations, ensuring that their trips are tailored to their preferences and needs. This personalized assistance can save members time and effort in researching and planning their travel arrangements.

Furthermore, Westgate Travel Club provides its members with additional perks, such as access to special events, VIP treatment, and exclusive experiences. These unique opportunities can enhance the overall travel experience and provide members with memorable moments that may not be accessible to non-members.

Despite these benefits, it is important to consider the cost associated with becoming a Westgate Travel Club member. The upfront fees can be substantial, and the ongoing membership fees can add up over time. It is crucial to evaluate if the potential savings and advantages offered by the club outweigh the financial investment.

Additionally, it is advisable to assess personal travel habits and preferences. If an individual or family regularly travels and enjoys staying at Westgate Resorts, then the benefits and discounts offered by the club may be more worthwhile. On the other hand, if travel is infrequent or preferences lean towards other accommodation options, the cost of membership may not be justified.

In conclusion, joining the Westgate Travel Club can provide members with various benefits and perks that can enhance their vacation experiences. From exclusive deals and discounts to personalized travel planning assistance, the club offers a range of advantages. However, it is important to carefully evaluate the cost of membership and consider personal travel habits and preferences before making a decision. By doing so, individuals can determine if the benefits provided by the Westgate Travel Club are worth the expense.

Reviews and Feedback from Members

westgate travel club

Reading reviews and feedback from current and past members can provide valuable insights into the experience and value of Westgate Travel Club membership.

When considering whether to join a travel club like Westgate, it is always helpful to hear from those who have already experienced its services and benefits. Members can provide firsthand accounts of their interactions with the club, the quality of accommodations and travel options available, and whether they feel their membership has been worth the cost.

One common theme that emerges from reviews and feedback is the level of customer service provided by Westgate. Many members praise the friendly and knowledgeable staff who go above and beyond to assist them in planning their vacations. From helping with booking accommodations to providing recommendations for activities and attractions, the customer service team is often commended for their professionalism and attentiveness.

Another aspect that garners positive reviews is the variety and quality of the resorts and hotels offered by Westgate. Members mention being impressed with the range of options available, from luxurious resorts in popular destinations to cozy vacation homes in more remote locations. The accommodations themselves are often described as clean, well-maintained, and equipped with modern amenities. This is an important factor for many travelers who want to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay during their vacations.

Reviewers also frequently mention the flexibility and convenience of the travel arrangements provided by Westgate. Many appreciate the ability to easily book their trips online or through the club’s dedicated travel agents, who are knowledgeable about the various destinations and can offer personalized recommendations. The option to choose from different vacation packages or customize their own itineraries is also highly valued by members, as it allows them to tailor their vacations to their specific preferences and needs.

Moreover, members often share stories about the positive experiences they have had while using their Westgate Travel Club membership. They recount memorable moments and adventures, such as enjoying exclusive access to special events or unique attractions, attending informative educational sessions, or participating in fun activities organized by the club. These experiences enhance their vacations and make them feel that their membership has provided them with truly exceptional opportunities they might not have otherwise had.

Of course, not all reviews are positive, and it is important to consider a range of opinions. Some members express frustrations with certain aspects of their experience, such as difficulties in booking desired travel dates or destinations. Others find that the cost of membership outweighs the benefits they receive, particularly if they are unable to utilize their membership as frequently as they had anticipated.

In summary, reading reviews and feedback from current and past members of Westgate Travel Club can provide valuable insights into the experiences and benefits of membership. While many members commend the club’s customer service, variety of accommodations, and flexibility in travel arrangements, it is important to consider a range of opinions to form a balanced perspective and make an informed decision about whether a Westgate Travel Club membership is worth it for you.

Alternatives to Westgate Travel Club

Alternatives to Westgate Travel Club

When considering a travel membership program, it’s important to explore alternative options to ensure you are making the best choice for your travel needs and budget. Here are some alternatives to the Westgate Travel Club:

Vacation Ownership Programs

1. Vacation Ownership Programs:

Vacation ownership programs, also known as timeshare programs, allow individuals to purchase partial ownership in a specific property or resort. These programs often provide access to a wide range of properties around the world and offer flexibility in terms of when and where you can travel. With vacation ownership programs, you typically pay an upfront fee and annual maintenance fees, ensuring that the property is well-maintained and ready for your use.

Hotel Loyalty Programs

2. Hotel Loyalty Programs:

If you prefer staying at hotels rather than owning a timeshare, hotel loyalty programs can be a great alternative. Many hotel chains offer loyalty programs where you can earn points for every stay, which can later be redeemed for free stays, upgrades, and other benefits. These programs are often free to join and allow you to accumulate points across multiple hotels within the same chain, giving you flexibility in your choices.

Online Travel Agencies

3. Online Travel Agencies:

Online travel agencies (OTA) such as Expedia,, and Airbnb offer a wide range of accommodation options and travel packages. These platforms allow you to compare prices, read reviews, and make reservations conveniently online. Additionally, they often provide exclusive deals and discounts, making them a cost-effective alternative to travel membership programs.

Vacation Rental Websites

4. Vacation Rental Websites:

Instead of committing to a travel membership program, you can consider using vacation rental websites such as HomeAway, VRBO, or Airbnb. These platforms connect vacation rental property owners directly with travelers, offering a wide array of accommodations, including apartments, houses, and even unique spaces. Vacation rentals can be a more flexible and economical option, especially for travelers who prefer a home-like experience.

Travel Discount Clubs

5. Travel Discount Clubs:

Travel discount clubs like AAA, Costco Travel, or Travelzoo provide members with access to exclusive discounts, deals, and packages. These clubs often offer discounted rates on flights, hotels, car rentals, and even vacation packages. By joining a travel discount club, you can save money on your travels without the long-term commitment or membership fees associated with travel membership programs like Westgate Travel Club.

Considering these alternative travel membership programs and booking options can help you make an informed decision and find the best fit for your travel needs and budget. Whether you prefer the flexibility of vacation ownership, the convenience of online travel agencies, or the cost-saving benefits of travel discount clubs, exploring these alternatives will ultimately ensure a satisfying travel experience.

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