When Does the Travelers Championship Start?


The Travelers Championship is an annual professional golf tournament held in Cromwell, Connecticut, attracting top golfers from around the world.

What Time Does the Travelers Championship Start?

Travelers Championship start time

The Travelers Championship typically takes place during late June or early July each year. The tournament schedule may vary slightly from year to year, but it generally follows a similar structure.

The tournament starts on a Thursday and concludes on a Sunday. The exact tee times for each round, as well as the starting time for the first tee-off, can vary and are usually determined closer to the date of the tournament.

On most Thursdays and Fridays of the Travelers Championship, the first tee time is typically around 7:00 AM Eastern Time. However, please note that this may change slightly from year to year, so it is always advisable to check the official website or the tournament’s schedule for the most up-to-date information.

During the weekends (Saturday and Sunday), tee times may be adjusted based on the number of players who have made the cut and the projected weather conditions. Weekend tee times usually start a bit later, around 8:00 AM Eastern Time, to allow for the completion of the earlier rounds and make adjustments if necessary.

The final round of the Travelers Championship is often the most exciting, as the leading players compete for the prestigious title. Tee times for the final round are typically determined based on the leaderboard standings after the third round and are usually later in the day, around midday to early afternoon.

It is worth mentioning that the tournament days are not limited to the scheduled tee times. The Travelers Championship offers a variety of activities and events throughout the day, including practice sessions, pro-am events, and interactive experiences for spectators of all ages.

Attending the Travelers Championship is a fantastic opportunity for golf enthusiasts and fans to witness world-class golfing talent in action while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the TPC River Highlands golf course.

So, if you have plans to attend the Travelers Championship, make sure to check the official schedule or website for the specific tee times and event details.

Tournament Schedule

Travelers Championship

The Travelers Championship is an annual golf tournament held in the month of June, attracting top professional golfers from around the world. The event usually spans over a four-day period, captivating golf enthusiasts and spectators alike.

The tournament, which is part of the PGA Tour, takes place at the renowned TPC River Highlands, located in Cromwell, Connecticut. This beautiful and challenging course has been the host venue since 1984 and offers a perfect setting for players to showcase their skills.

The Travelers Championship schedule typically follows a structured format that allows players to compete in various rounds, leading up to the exciting final day:

Day 1: Practice Rounds

Travelers Championship Practice Round

The first day of the Travelers Championship is dedicated to practice rounds. Players have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the course, assess the conditions, and fine-tune their strategies. It’s a crucial day for players to get a feel for the greens and fairways before officially starting the tournament.

Day 2: Opening Round

Travelers Championship Opening Round

The second day marks the beginning of the tournament’s official rounds. Players tee off to compete in the opening round, aiming to secure a strong position on the leaderboard. The pressure to perform well and make a favorable impression sets the stage for an exciting display of golfing prowess.

Day 3: Second Round

Travelers Championship Second Round

On the third day of the Travelers Championship, players continue their quest for the championship title by participating in the second round. The cut line is often determined after this round, which allows only the top-performing golfers to advance to the final rounds. The competition intensifies as players strive to make the cut and secure their spot for the remaining days.

Day 4: Final Rounds

Travelers Championship Final Round

The fourth and final day of the Travelers Championship showcases the most exciting golf action. The remaining players battle it out for the coveted championship. The intensity reaches its peak as they navigate the challenging course, striving for birdies and sinking crucial putts. Spectators witness thrilling moments and witness the crowning of the champion, concluding an exhilarating tournament.

The Travelers Championship not only provides an opportunity for golfers to showcase their skills but also offers a delightful experience for spectators. Beyond the on-course action, the tournament features entertainment, food, and activities for fans of all ages. It’s a celebration of golf and an occasion to create lasting memories for everyone involved.

The exact starting times for each round may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and the number of players participating. It is advisable for spectators to check the official Travelers Championship website or consult the event organizers for the precise schedule.

As the Travelers Championship approaches each year, golf fans eagerly anticipate the thrilling battles and memorable moments that this prestigious tournament consistently delivers. Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply a sports enthusiast, the Travelers Championship is an event worth experiencing.

Opening Day

Opening Day at the Travelers Championship

The Travelers Championship, one of the highly anticipated events in the golfing world, kicks off with its opening day usually on a Thursday. This marks the official beginning of the tournament and sets the stage for thrilling golfing action and fierce competition.

As the sun rises on the beautiful golf course, the golfers are eager to showcase their skills and compete against each other for the championship title. The first round of the Travelers Championship brings together some of the best golfers from around the globe, ready to battle it out in pursuit of victory.

The golfers tee off at various times throughout the day, ensuring that the tournament remains exciting and engaging for both players and spectators. The timings are carefully scheduled to create a seamless flow of gameplay and to accommodate the large number of participants.

Each golfer’s tee time is crucial, as it determines the order in which they start their round and can have a significant impact on their performance. The tournament organizers strategically assign tee times to balance the field and create a fair playing environment for all participants.

On the opening day of the Travelers Championship, golf fans from all corners of the world eagerly tune in to witness the spectacle unfold. The anticipation builds as each golfer approaches the tee, taking their shots and navigating the challenging fairways and greens.

The atmosphere on the opening day is electrifying, with the cheers and applause of the crowd echoing across the golf course. Spectators eagerly follow their favorite golfers, supporting them every step of the way and reveling in every successful shot.

Not only do the golfers face the challenges of the championship course, but they also have to contend with the pressure and expectations that come with participating in such a prestigious tournament. The opening day sets the tone for the subsequent rounds, making it a crucial day for golfers to establish a strong start and build momentum.

As the day progresses, the leaderboard takes shape, reflecting the performances of the golfers and providing a glimpse into the potential candidates for the championship title. The tournament becomes a test of skill, mental fortitude, and strategic decision-making as golfers strive to position themselves favorably for the remaining rounds.

The opening day of the Travelers Championship is not only about the golfing action but also about the overall experience. Spectators flock to the tournament grounds, indulging in the vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, and numerous entertainment options available throughout the day.

From celebrity sightings to engaging sponsor activations, the opening day of the Travelers Championship offers something for everyone. It’s a day to immerse oneself in the world of golf, witness incredible displays of talent, and create unforgettable memories.

So, set your calendar and mark the opening day of the Travelers Championship to ensure you don’t miss out on the excitement and drama that unfolds right from the first tee shot. Be prepared to witness extraordinary golfing skills, nail-biting moments, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in this premier golf tournament.

Final Day and Closing Time

Final Day and Closing Time

The Travelers Championship, one of the most eagerly anticipated golf tournaments of the year, reaches its exciting conclusion on a Sunday. As the final day approaches, fans from all around eagerly wait to witness the intense competition and see who will emerge as the ultimate champion. The final round, which determines the winner of the tournament, is complemented by an elaborate award ceremony that adds a touch of grandeur to the event.

Unlike most sports competitions that take place in the early evening, the Travelers Championship has its final round in the late afternoon. This strategic timing allows fans to enjoy a full day of golfing action before witnessing the crowning of the champion. The organizers understand the importance of creating an atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged until the last moment, and the late afternoon schedule serves this purpose effectively.

As the sun begins to descend, casting a golden hue on the beautifully manicured greens, the tension on the field builds up. Golfers showcase their skills, resilience, and determination in every swing, striving to secure their spot at the top of the leaderboard. The spectacle becomes more captivating as the stakes get higher with each passing hole.

With the late afternoon slot, spectators are treated to a unique golfing experience. They don’t have to wake up early or rush to the venue after work to catch some of the thrilling action. Instead, they can leisurely enjoy their morning, savor a delicious lunch, and then head to the Travelers Championship in the afternoon. This relaxed timing allows fans to fully immerse themselves in the tournament’s atmosphere and enjoy the excitement that builds up during the final day.

Furthermore, having the award ceremony in the late afternoon adds an extra element of excitement and anticipation. Golfers and fans alike gather around the 18th green, eagerly awaiting the announcement of the champion. The tension is palpable as the contenders watch each other closely, hoping that their name will be called as the winner. The award ceremony is a unique opportunity for the champion to bask in their well-deserved glory as they receive the trophy and celebrate their victory with the adoring crowd.

The late afternoon closing time not only adds an element of spectacle to the tournament but also accommodates the needs and preferences of the audience. This timing allows fans to enjoy a complete day of golfing excitement, making the Travelers Championship a memorable and fulfilling experience.

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